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  About Alma

A dream come

Alma produces chairs, tables, and other furniture elements with a fresh and innovative design. Alma is a female name – an instinctive choice for an almost women-run company, which has been able to transform this chance into one of its unique features.

When a new entrepreneurial adventure starts, everything begins from an intuition to arrive at something absolutely concrete, soon turning into a business plan. But among ideas and numbers, it’s important to make room for our own values – for the philosophy that gives a meaning to everything else, letting the dream becomes reality.

Italianity and design

Alma’s heart are Alessandra, Francesca and Lorenza, mother and daughters at the head of a company originating from a family business which has been producing - for two generations’ time - tube items for the furniture world. Family is a value and a reality: it comprehends people who work for Alma, nearly all women; partners who contribute to the excellence of the product, each one for its peculiarities; designers who in these last years have shared their products and success.

Founded in 2007, Alma has roots in the indutrial tradition of the “Made in Italy”. Attention to functionality together with an uncompromised quality are a family inheritance: an extrovert attitude and a desing passion are the key aspects of our company, whose recognisable styling made of semplicity and lighheartedness are unquestionable highlights. Alma - a solid and reliable reality - develops its products in the area of Franciacorta and has its suppliers network producing in the most known Italian districts, creating different elements for the residential market as well as for the worldwide contract one.